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ONYX 900

Fully automatic high-tech unit with digital image processing system for highly precise assembly and soldering applications.

Fully automatic rework

Laboratory applications, prototyping and rework of larger badges of production volumes are typical application areas of the ONYX 900. One of the main application is the fully automated rework process of SMTcomponents. Desoldering, site solder removal, positioning, placing and soldering is possible without any manual intervention of the operator. The integrated software enables automatic placement in the μm range.

Options for ONYX 900

  • Automatic tool changer
  • Automatic hot gas nozzle changer
  • Time / pressure dispenser
  • Fluxer option
  • Alternative preheaters
  • Height sensor downwards
  • Height sensor upwards
  • Site solder removal system
  • IR temperature sensor
  • Machine base
  • CAD data import
Zevac Products Machine Fully automatic IC-900