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ONYX 29 - Perfektes Rework thermisch belasteter Boards

Source: PLUS 6/2013
Therefore it's essential to have a large-sized preheater for warm-up the boards. This is not possible with most of the existing rework-stations. A very suitable system is the ONYX 29 rework station with non-contact site cleaning.
Download (in German)

ONYX 29 - Halbautomatisches Selektivlötsystem ONYX 29

Source: Productronic 3-2013
With its 7 motorized axes, the semi-automatic selective soldering system ONYX 29 of ZEVAC approaches significantly to the fully automated repair process.
Download (in German)

ONYX 29 - Vom Löten, Bestücken, Drucken und Reinigen

Source: EPP August 2009
The partners Christian Koenen, Ekra, Kolb, Rehm, Siemens and ZEVAC organize the first Berlin forum of technology at Siemens CT. A tour at Siemens CT includs the presentation of ZEVAC repair station.
Download (in German)

ONYX 21 - Einstiegsgerät für das Selefktivlöten

Source: Productronic 11-2008
With the ONYX 21, ZEVAC provides a semi-automatic system for selective soldering and desoldering of SMDs.
Download (In German)

ONYX 21 - Einstiegsgerät für Selefktivlöten

Source: EPP November 2008
ONYX 21, a semi-automatic system for selective soldering and desoldering of SMD components for a small budget.
Download (in German)

IP-500 Tabletop - Flexible und multifunktionale Montageplattformen

Source: EPP September 2008
Core competence of the ZEVAC tabletop system IP-500 is the fully automated processing of micro-mechanical, optical or electronic components with small dimensions.
Download (in German)

ONYX 21 - SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2008

Source: Технологии в электронной промышленности (Technologies in Electronic Industry) 5'2008
Presentation of the ONYX 21 at the SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2008 in Moscow.
Download (in Russian)

ONYX 29 - Reparieren lohnt sich

Source: Productronic 5-2008
The reproducibility with high precision is always given on the semi-automatic ONYX 29, so that the semi-skilled workers can quickly deal with the repair process.
Download (in German)

ONYX 24 - Selektivlötgerät mit Präzisionsbestückung

Source: Productronic 5-2008
The ZEVAC selective soldering system ONYX 24 allows very precise positioning of SMDs and fine pitch components as well as reproducibility of the obtained result.
Download (in German)

ONYX 29 - Reparera kretskorten i styrd process

Source: Elektronik i Norden 12/2007
The ONYX 29 in the journal "Electronics i Norden".
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